Communication Day Dreams

The world of telecom, and the communications industry in general, has grown a lot through the years. I got my first cell phone in middle school, using it mostly to play snake. I remember asking my parents the following questions when I was in high school. “So how did your friends and you meet up […]

A Collection of Helpful VoIP Posts

I started at Telonium over seven months ago, and I’m going to be real honest with you, I’d never even heard of VoIP until my interview with Telonium’s founder, Frank. He is an absolute expert in all things telecom and has been my number one resource for learning all about VoIP technology. However, I don’t […]

We’re Thankful for Tech

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday (says Alice). I love it too (Brett concurs). Which is why this week we decided to change things up and collaborate on a blog post about thankfulness. This is our way of also celebrating what Thanksgiving is all about – togetherness. Today we are specifically going to talk about […]

VoIP Buying Guide and Tips

You’ve been trying to decide what phone solution is best for your business and have made the decision to go with VoIP. Congrats! You’ve made it over one hurdle. But there’s a lot of companies out there, and unless you’re super tech-savvy it can be hard to know what exactly to look for. Plus, honestly, […]

Finding a Scalable Product is Easy: How About Scalable Customer Service?

By: Brett Chandrasekhar This morning, it was announced that Vocalocity is being acquired by Vonage for $130 million. This is the latest development in the VoIP industry since RingCentral went public late last month. Vonage CEO Mark Lefar commented “Vocalocity accelerates our entry with a comprehensive, high-quality product suite and scalable platform. In addition, Vocalocity’s […]

Featured Features – Week 5

This week marks the conclusion of our Featured Features series. I hope that you have enjoyed it or at the very least, learned something new. I’ve saved my favorite features for last. These four features (plus a bonus feature!) give you the ability to stay connected to your customers no matter where you are. Gotta […]