4 ways to fight over 28 billion robocalls so far in 2018..

As of August 2018, more than 28 billion robocalls have been placed in the United States according to YouMail.


This equates to roughly 13 calls for every American in the month of August. So it’s not a surprise if you have answered a call from an unknown caller, just to find out it’s a robocall or a fax machine on the other end. For consumer/personal phone line, it’s simply a nuisance. However, when business lines are bombarded with such calls, it affects the daily operations- taking away valuable time away from the productive working hours.

Because we are all about increase your communications efficiency, here are few options to fight these pesky robocalls:


1. Register your number(s) on National Do-Not-Call Registry
If you have not done so already, register all your numbers on National Do-Not-Call list. This is to remove your number from the unwanted sales calls from legitimate companies reaching out for a cold sales call. This certainly helps, but doesn’t affect many calls that choose to ignore such regulations.


2. Simply ignore unknown phone numbers
We know this isn’t really realistic solution since you are a small business and there are many unknown phone numbers that will call in for a new business, but spammers like to mimic your phone number. For example, Telonium’s phone number is 404-566-8888, and spammers may use 404-566-xxxx numbers to call in. They believe that if you see a familiar number, you will likely to answer. But fear not! The chances are high that they are a spammer (unless it is your own company phone number).


3. Use Auto-Attendant to ignore calls
If you are using a phone system, you can use your auto-attendant feature to your advantage. If you have all your calls be answered by the auto-attendant and require a caller to press an option before reaching a person, this would reduce the calls coming through. Most robocalls are not smart enough to press an option before starting to play its recording and will more than likely to not pass the “choose from the following options” test. Be sure to specify to a hang up instruction if no option is given after few replays of your greeting.


4. Automatic Spam Filter – Telonium has one, does your phone provider?
If you are one of the lucky ones to use Telonium, we have just recently announced a spam filter options to all of our customer at no additional cost! This is an opt-in option that allows unknown calls to be filtered out even before ringing your phone system. For review purposes, the call logs in the online portal shows all calls that was filtered out of and their phone numbers. This makes your office function without having to answer these robocalls almost everyday!

If you are interested in Telonium’s spam filter feature for your business phone service, please feel free to contact us at 404-566-8888 or simply by filling out the contact form.