The Shift in Workforce Mentality during Pandemic that’s going to stay forever

  • Current pandemic has drastically changed the working environment to reduce “un-necessary” physical contacts
  • More companies have moved or are moving to full-remote or on-site/remote hybrid models as a temporary solution. However, this may become permenant and a defacto standard for corporate working environment.
  • Corporate workforce is willing to work fully remote as it promotes better work-life balance and quality of life
  • Tools and Technology to support the changed workforce environment need to be adopted by employers to improve employee effecacy at home.

The post-pandemic era is a time when work-life balance, quality of life, and remote working are becoming more important for employees. In the past, people would have been more inclined to stay in their home country for an epidemic that was happening. However, with the rise in remote working and a hybrid workforce mentality, people are more inclined to be flexible with their jobs and work from wherever they want.

This shift in workforce mentality during pandemics is going to stay forever. According to recent studies, 60% of employees are willing to work remotely. With the help of technology, they can still be productive and have a better quality of life without sacrificing their families or friends.

A lot of companies now embrace remote work as well, allowing their employees to work remotely. This not only helps improve employees’ quality of life but also helps with retention rates. The hybrid workforce is here to stay, and many companies are still hunting for the right tools to keep employee efficacy while reducing physical interactions at the office.

Among those tools, the communications platform ranks as one of the more important tools. Although this is a large category spanning from telephone service that promotes multi-location employees to real-time document collaboration platforms, many solutions focus on internal communications rather than customer interactions. A cloud-based phone system such as Telonium primarily focuses on inbound caller experience and allows calls to be efficiently routed to the right person the first time. This small attention to detail not only reduces customer frustrations while being tossed around the employees but also increases employee productivity by not being interrupted by unnecessary calls that are not intended for them.

As we look back on the learning lessons of the past 2 years of the pandemic, there are many uncertainties of the future. But it seems to be almost universal and the current workforce mentality of emphasizing quality of life while having a successful career will stick around well beyond the pandemic.