VoIP and Recruiting – The Perfect Match

There are a lot of small to mid size recruiting firms out there, what makes yours stand out? You may have a dedicated staff, who possess years of experience and expertise. Or you may be a newer company full of bright, young recruiters. No matter what you fall under, we want to help give your recruiting firm that extra push.

The Telonium phone system is jam packed with some amazing features that are sure to impress incoming callers. One of the standouts? An auto attendant, which allows your company to record a custom greeting. It’s one of the easiest ways for even the smallest of companies to have a large company presence. Plus, the automated system will greet every inbound call and properly route them to the right person at your office.

Do you like to meet clients in person? Then the follow me/find me feature is sure to become a favorite. You no longer have to worry about missing important phone calls. With this feature, once your office phone rings a certain number of times, the call will then route to a number of your choosing, usually a cell phone. If you don’t pick up then? Well it will route to another number, say your home phone. Another useful feature for those on the go – voicemail to email. Just like it sounds, you are able to receive your voicemails as an email immediately after a message is left on your phone. Which means you can listen to your voicemail straight from your smartphone.

As a recruiter we know you have about a million different responsibilities that you are taking care of throughout the day, many of which occur over the phone. Whether you are conducting interviews with job seekers or speaking with CEOs, reliable communication is important to you. With Telonium, you can rest assured because we’ve got it all taken care of, one of the many perks of a hosted phone system.

Have you been thinking about adding a new team member, but held off because they are located in another state? There is great talent all over the country, and with Telonium you are no longer geographically limited. You can have recruiters set up all over the country using one phone system.

Whether you are a medium sized executive search firm or a one person recruiting machine, Telonium’s hosted VoIP phone system can be a great asset to your company. Plus, we can have you up and running in just a couple of days. No complicated installation process.

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Photo Credit: Victor1558 via Compfight cc