Phone System Features

Unlimited Calling

Call to any US48 states and Canada with no per-minute charges.

Number Portability

Keep you existing phone number by moving your number to Telonium network.

Conference Bridging

Host your own conference bridging without a hassle and by using your own company phone number.

Auto Attendant

Instant customized greeting allows your customers to be directed to the right person or team.

Custom Hold Music

Control what customers hear when they are waiting for you. Running a promotion? This is a great time to remind your customers.

Individual Voicemail Box

Each extension comes with voicemail boxes customizable for every team members in your company.

Day/Time-Based Routing

Set up a separate call routing during non-business hours, including specific times of day and days of the week.

Call Group

When trying to reach someone within a specified group, we can ring multiple phones at once so that it can be answered by anyone in that group.

Call Transfer

Need to transfer a call? Redirect a call to another extension, external number, or their voicemail box seemlessly.

Dial-By-Name Directory

Our dynamic directory will keep track of all the extensions and can offer callers the ability to search for a specific person.

Call Queue

Our call queue feature makes it easy to manage a large volume of inbound calls. Agents will be offered one call at a time so that they can address every caller.

Call Monitor

Call monitoring can be used to audit the quality of service that your employees are providing, or for training purposes to listen in on an expert.


Stop shouting across the hallway! Our intercom feature allows you to reach your co-workers easily by turning on their speaker phone automatically.


Have an announcement? All the phones can turn into a loud speaker with a simple dial. “Free food in the break room!”

Custom Greeting

Build a great first impression by having your own recorded greeting. Don’t like your voice? Just provide us with a script and we will even record it for you.

Caller ID

Know who’s calling you before picking it up.

Enhanced 911 Services

In case of emergency, rest assure that our service can handle proper routing of your 911 calls.

411 Directory Assistance*

Use the same comprehensive telephone directory of analog systems. Standard charges will apply.