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Toll-Free Inbound Minutes

Have a national presence by using a toll-free number. Rates vary based on minute-package; ranging from 2.5 to 4 cents per minute.

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International Calling

Reach out to your international clients with Telonium’s competitive international rates.

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Call Recording

Record and archive inbound and/or outbound calls for $9 + $0.25/hr of storage.

Volume Discount is Available

Monthly Tollfree Inbound Minute Package
Minute Package Price Price Rate per Minute
1,000 Minutes $40 4.0¢/min
2,500 Minutes $95 3.8¢/min
5,000 Minutes $180 3.6¢/min
10,000 Minutes $340 3.4¢/min
15,000 Minutes $480 3.2¢/min
25,000 Minutes $750 3.0¢/min
50,000 Minutes $1,400 2.8¢/min
100,000 Minutes $2,600 2.5¢/min
200,000 Minutes $4,400 2.2¢/min
Rate above 200,000 Minutes   2.0¢/min

**Overage minutes charged at 4.5¢ per minute except the 200,000-minute package


Base Charge: $9/mo plus…

Storage Volume Price Rate per Hour
0-1,000 hours $0.25/hr
1,001-2,500 hours $0.20/hr
2,501-10,000 hours $0.18/hr
10,001-25,000 hours $0.15/hr
25,001+ hours $0.10/hr