The Shift in Workforce Mentality during Pandemic that’s going to stay forever

Current pandemic has drastically changed the working environment to reduce “un-necessary” physical contacts More companies have moved or are moving to full-remote or on-site/remote hybrid models as a temporary solution. However, this may become permenant and a defacto standard for corporate working environment. Corporate workforce is willing to work fully remote as it promotes better […]

Outdoor Office

Moving your phone system to the cloud

I know.. It’s just sounds like a daunting task… But let me assure you this isn’t as bad as you think. In this article, we will discuss:

* The benefits of moving your phone system to the cloud
* High-level process to move your existing office phone service
* What to look for when you are shopping for the best solution

Is Comcast or Charter telling you that you can’t keep your phone number?

Understanding what you can do to keep your business phone numbers at your new location In order to understand why they can’t move your number to your new location or new carrier, we need to explain a little about how the phone numbers are routed. When it comes to analog services, the phone number has to […]

5 years and still going strong

It’s been amazing 5 years since we’ve acquired our very first Telonium customer; thanks to all the supports from our customers over the year. We are happy to announce that our very first customer is still our customer and happier than ever to be part of us! In 2010, we have sought out to educate and […]

Startup Life: Working on a Holiday

As small business owners or entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves working long hours and through the weekends. As holiday season is upon us, you have a big decision to make in balancing family time and work time. Unless you are a holiday-focused business, the chances are your business will be slower than normal on these […]

Communication Day Dreams

The world of telecom, and the communications industry in general, has grown a lot through the years. I got my first cell phone in middle school, using it mostly to play snake. I remember asking my parents the following questions when I was in high school. “So how did your friends and you meet up […]