The Shift in Workforce Mentality during Pandemic that’s going to stay forever

Current pandemic has drastically changed the working environment to reduce “un-necessary” physical contacts More companies have moved or are moving to full-remote or on-site/remote hybrid models as a temporary solution. However, this may become permenant and a defacto standard for corporate working environment. Corporate workforce is willing to work fully remote as it promotes better […]

5 years and still going strong

It’s been amazing 5 years since we’ve acquired our very first Telonium customer; thanks to all the supports from our customers over the year. We are happy to announce that our very first customer is still our customer and happier than ever to be part of us! In 2010, we have sought out to educate and […]

Communication Day Dreams

The world of telecom, and the communications industry in general, has grown a lot through the years. I got my first cell phone in middle school, using it mostly to play snake. I remember asking my parents the following questions when I was in high school. “So how did your friends and you meet up […]

We’re Thankful for Tech

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday (says Alice). I love it too (Brett concurs). Which is why this week we decided to change things up and collaborate on a blog post about thankfulness. This is our way of also celebrating what Thanksgiving is all about – togetherness. Today we are specifically going to talk about […]

Lean Companies, Easy Business Relocation

Most businesses, especially when they are starting small and expanding, will undergo an office relocation at some point. However, most companies will not find themselves in the position that Foursquare was in after Hurricane Sandy struck the East coast – forced to relocate almost overnight. The company moved from its 56,000 square-foot office in Soho to a temporary 16,000 […]

Phone System Features Teleworkers Will Love

Teleworking is becoming a part of everyday business, and it’s beneficial for employees to work at home or out of the company office on assignment. A VoIP phone system has many features to improve work in the office, but these features can also improve productivity out of the office.  The features all teleworkers need on their phones […]

Teleworking made easy through VoIP

Telework options are exploding. This isn’t surprising to those of us in the VoIP world. What is surprising is one industry that has shown significant teleworking growth in the last year: the U.S. Government.   Recently, the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey was released, giving us some insight into employee satisfaction in our government. While the survey […]