Phone System Features Teleworkers Will Love

Teleworking is becoming a part of everyday business, and it’s beneficial for employees to work at home or out of the company office on assignment. A VoIP phone system has many features to improve work in the office, but these features can also improve productivity out of the office.  The features all teleworkers need on their phones are remote access, call management and a way to unify communications to their phone.

Having a remote access feature is the backbone of teleworking. Different phone systems have different types of remote access resources, so find the one that works especially for teleworking. The best ones support this feature in remote offices, handsets for the phone, VoIP networking equipment and easy to use plug-and-play setup.  

Just because some of your workers are far away doesn’t mean they aren’t a part of the company. Integrate call management services into teleworking phone systems to bring everyone together. Advanced call distribution, routing, four-digit extension service and other call management features will unite the company as one working unit without anyone knowing how dispersed it is.  

Phone systems aren’t the only things that will bring everyone together. Take unity one step further and integrate all means of communications as one, also called unified communications. Unite data, video, conferences, presentations and more with the internet. Use the company website or a separate web interface to share information through applications and databases. You will know who is available online and how to reach them when they aren’t online.

A standard phone is a way to communicate with someone no matter where they are. A business phone should be much more than that. It should be the centerpiece for communicating online and to share the latest information within the organization. It is a way to be more professional without breaking the bank. Teleworkers should take full advantage of what business phones have to offer. Their at-home or on-the-go virtual office won’t be the same without it.  Contact us  for more information on VoIP, business phones and phone systems for your teleworking needs.