Teleworking made easy through VoIP

Telework options are exploding. This isn’t surprising to those of us in the VoIP world. What is surprising is one industry that has shown significant teleworking growth in the last year: the U.S. Government.  

Recently, the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey was released, giving us some insight into employee satisfaction in our government. While the survey showed a number of places for improvement in government departments, it also revealed that those departments who allow telecommuting have happier employees. Again, not much of a surprise to those of us who are in the industry. It’s good to see, however, that industries as reluctant to change as the Government are finally seeing the light in terms of the benefits of teleworking.

Teleworking options seem most prevalent in the General Services Administration and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, though are becoming more popular in other branches of government.  The survey also reported that nearly one-quarter of federal employees, nearly 170,000 people, have telecommuted at some point in their careers. While this included temporary teleworking assignments, that is still a number of note.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, approximately 60% of American companies offer some sort of teleworking option to their employees. This can range from full-time working from home to split home/office time to temporary telework options. Regardless, employees are happier if they have the option to have more control over their home/life balance.

What makes this – increase in employee satisfaction, increase in work output – all possible is technology. Enhanced communication systems allow companies to stay in touch with their employees no matter where they are doing the work – at home or in the office. An added bonus of these systems is cost cutting. Companies can save a significant amount with VoIP solutions – some up to 60% on monthly phone bills

Teleworking leads to happier employees and happier, more cost-effective companies. To get started with your business voip solutions today, please contact us.