Working over the Holidays: Stay Home with VoIP

Clap your hands if holidays are your favorite time of year to work! *Silence* While there are certainly benefits to working over the holidays, most Americans understandably express horror at the thought of having to do so. And with Thanksgiving coming up, people want to spend time with their families, enjoying their company and gobbling up […]

Telonium Telegram: Los Angeles to Bring Fiber to its City and Cost Increases for Small Business

The beginning of a weekly segment? No idea, but the title is catchy enough even if it’s only for a one-time or irregular use. Here’s some news that might be relevant to you and your business: Los Angeles is looking to bring fiber to its city. This is another example of recent plans to expand […]

Teleworking made easy through VoIP

Telework options are exploding. This isn’t surprising to those of us in the VoIP world. What is surprising is one industry that has shown significant teleworking growth in the last year: the U.S. Government.   Recently, the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey was released, giving us some insight into employee satisfaction in our government. While the survey […]

Save the Earth, Save Gas and Never Miss a Day of Work

You’ve watched your hard-earned dollars get sucked into the gas pump, as National gas prices have hovered around $4 per gallon. And each time you fill up, the tiny red ticker on your dashboard takes even more green to make it budge just a little bit higher. Basically, now you’re getting less bang for your […]