Telonium Telegram: Los Angeles to Bring Fiber to its City and Cost Increases for Small Business

The beginning of a weekly segment? No idea, but the title is catchy enough even if it’s only for a one-time or irregular use. Here’s some news that might be relevant to you and your business:

  • Google’s policy of not serving business customers does have a loophole, however. Businesses can still use fiber as long as they choose to work out of their homes (Note: businesses are still subject to Google’s terms of service). For those worried about their communication needs, hosted VoIP is the solution: with VoIP, workers can telecommute and still have access to their phone system as long as they have an internet connection (and since we’re already talking about fiber, this is taken care of!). Companies located in Kansas City, along with Austin and Provo in the near future, should consider this option.

  • In other news, President Obama has decided to support a proposal to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 and afterwards tie it to inflation. Also, some companies are seeing their healthcare costs rise as Obamacare is implemented, although it’s a trend that’s been with us for decades. For small businesses worried about increasing costs or just uncertainty in general, think about a switch to hosted VoIP: this will help you balance increasing costs in other areas with reduced costs for your phone system.

  • Startups! Check out the experiences and advice of other entrepreneurs at Startup Voices. Contributions are now beginning to be made regularly. If you want to share your own experience, visit this page for more information.

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Photo Credit: NS Newsflash via Compfight cc