Reasons Why Small Business Phone Systems Should Switch to VoIP

Small businesses cannot afford to lose money; between payroll, employees and sales they are barely keeping it together. If there’s any way to save money, small businesses should take advantage.  One cost-cutting measure is changing your phone service to VoIP.  Simple installation and tons of features for one low price is much better than paying […]

Does your business phone system promote teleworking?

Winter weather, increasingly deep potholes, rising gas prices and distracted drivers can all make the daily commute not only a grind but also a gamble.  Imagine your employees signing onto e-mail an hour earlier because their morning commute is from one room in their house to another, or signing on at all during a winter […]

How the Gigabit City Challenge impacts VoIP

It’s tough to ignore all the bonuses that come from VoIP technology. Most data plans offer free domestic long distance, to reach all those clients in other states you didn’t even know you had. Then you’ve got advanced teleconferencing capabilities, and amazing levels of customization and the ease of adding new extensions, and, well, we could go […]

VoIP And No Contract Phone Service: A Great Combination

Conjoining hosted PBX/business VoIP services and no contract phone service can be an ideal option for many businesses. There is a confidence that arises when working with providers that make a real statement by offering month-to-month service.   TrustA potential customer will be more confident when it knows that its VoIP provider must essentially ‘earn’ its business from […]

The ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) Movement

The ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) movement is well underway. Especially in times of recession and its aftermath, the win-win proposition offered by BYOD is pretty irresistible. Businesses, governments, and schools all face budget pressures, very serious pressures at that. In that climate, imagine employees in mass numbers ‘contributing’ a several hundred dollar or more […]