My First Day with a Hosted VoIP Phone System

I finally took a chance got that new job I’ve been debating about.  I know you have been looking for some good ideas at your office so I thought I’d tell you about my first day here. 

I walked in with my box full of personal office supplies, my penholder, my desk pad, pictures of my wife and kids, my rolodex full of contacts, and my special analog phone headset.  I remember how envious my old office mates were when I brought this headset to work. 

As I unpacked my box one of my new coworkers came over to say hello and see if I had any questions.  I did.  I couldn’t figure out where the phone line was so I could plug in my fancy head set.  You know what he told me?  There is no phone line!

 Apparently my office phone is a Cisco SPA525G2 5-Line IP Phone.  My new friend told me I don’t even need this fancy analog headset because the headset I use with my smartphone will work, and I don’t have to plug it in! 

Then he told me I don’t need my rolodex, this Cisco phone can connect to my smartphone using Bluetooth and copy my entire contact list and even my pictures and music, wow!  My old pals would be so impressed. 

So how does this work I asked.  Well, this phone, and all the phones in this office, use VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol.  The same technology that carries all the information on the Internet. 

But it got even better, because of this VoIP system I can get software for my smartphone that will let me use it as an office phone too.  To top it all off this system actually saves the company tons of money. 

So where did they get this great phone system?  Telonium, a company that specializes in hosted VoIP phone systems for small to medium businesses.  If you want a phone system as cool as this one just contact Telonium and they will set you up.  Tell them I sent ya!