VIDEO: Benefits of Using VoIP

Transcript: Hi, welcome to the Telonium Thursdays Whiteboard Web Series. I’m your host for this week, Alice. Today I’m going to be going over some of the benefits of VoIP. We’ve talked before about some of the reasons why hosted is better than on-site for small to mid-sized businesses, but let’s discuss a few more. […]

Teleworking made easy through VoIP

Telework options are exploding. This isn’t surprising to those of us in the VoIP world. What is surprising is one industry that has shown significant teleworking growth in the last year: the U.S. Government.   Recently, the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey was released, giving us some insight into employee satisfaction in our government. While the survey […]

Teleworking Productivity: Perception vs. Reality

In last week’s blog, I discussed the potential solutions teleworking offers to address the work vs. home dilemma for both men and women. I also emphasized Princeton professor Ann-Marie Slaughter’s notion that our workplace environment needs a serious face-lift. In this post, we will delve (head-first) into this subject by examining the contentious topic of […]

The Internet: Lifeblood of Our Generation

As I sat at home writing the latest blog (teleworking mind you, thanks to my company’s VoIP capabilities), I snapped out of my information-overloaded, technologically-entranced haze. I looked around at my apartment to survey all of the gadgets that help me throughout my day: the alarm clock, my phone, numerous light switches, the shower radio, […]