Is Comcast or Charter telling you that you can’t keep your phone number?

Understanding what you can do to keep your business phone numbers at your new location

In order to understand why they can’t move your number to your new location or new carrier, we need to explain a little about how the phone numbers are routed. When it comes to analog services, the phone number has to route to your servicing central office, which is a physical building that all phone lines in the office eventually terminate to. If this central office is not the facility that handles your existing phone number, you won’t be able to keep your number with that carrier. But don’t frown too long, because there’s a solution for you! It’s called VoIP!

I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard of the term VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows the traditional voice services that Comcast, AT&T, Charter, and other analog carriers provide and routes them to your internet connected devices (smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, and VoIP phone). Because you are not physically tethered to the wire between the central office and your connected devices, you can now be virtually anywhere in order to receive services on your phone.

Are you moving from California to Florida? No Problem! Traveling around the world? No Problem! As long you have a reliable Internet connection, you can be anywhere in order to make and receive calls using your phone number.

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