The Shift in Workforce Mentality during Pandemic that’s going to stay forever

Current pandemic has drastically changed the working environment to reduce “un-necessary” physical contacts More companies have moved or are moving to full-remote or on-site/remote hybrid models as a temporary solution. However, this may become permenant and a defacto standard for corporate working environment. Corporate workforce is willing to work fully remote as it promotes better […]

A Collection of Helpful VoIP Posts

I started at Telonium over seven months ago, and I’m going to be real honest with you, I’d never even heard of VoIP until my interview with Telonium’s founder, Frank. He is an absolute expert in all things telecom and has been my number one resource for learning all about VoIP technology. However, I don’t […]

Home for the Holidays with VoIP and Other Seasonal Tips

It’s almost that time of year again. Kids are busy making finishing touches on their wish lists, strangers are a little nicer to each other, and with Hanukkah and Thanksgiving sharing a date this year, the holiday advertisements have already begun. Personally, one of my favorite parts about the holidays is finding the perfect gifts […]

VoIP Buying Guide and Tips

You’ve been trying to decide what phone solution is best for your business and have made the decision to go with VoIP. Congrats! You’ve made it over one hurdle. But there’s a lot of companies out there, and unless you’re super tech-savvy it can be hard to know what exactly to look for. Plus, honestly, […]

Myth Busters – VoIP edition

In the ever changing world of technology, people are always going to critique innovation, try to figure out the problems with it. Because of this, and the Internet’s – let’s just say – slower past, VoIP has gotten a bit of a bad reputation. So today I’d like to go over some common myths and […]

Transfer and Forward Calls With Telonium

Are you on the go often but still need a connection to your business phone number? Along with Telonium’s hosted phone system comes a set of features (at no additional charge) that helps your business do just this, offering your business mobility and flexibility. One of the quintessential features of a phone system is the […]