Product Review: Cisco SPA504G aka the Cisco 504

Telonium offers several types of high quality three to five-line Cisco phones as well as Polycom conference phones.


In this post, we’ll examine the Cisco phone SPA504G as opposed to comparable analog phones. I’ll include its list of capabilities and the benefits of choosing one versus the other. That way, you can make a simple and cost effective decision without the hassle of researching the products on your own. Thank goodness!!!

Okay, let’s start with the SPA504G. Phew! That’s a mouth full! So let’s just refer to this Cisco device as the 504.


According to Cisco’s website, the 504 offers several outstanding features including four lines, Power over Ethernet (which reduces your consumption of power), a monochromatic backlit LCD display screen, and a two-port switch (which means you can connect your commuter directly to the phone and thus “reduce cabling costs”).


The best part? You can add an auxiliary panel, or side cart (Cisco refers to this additive as the SPA500S expansion module) that can add up to 64 buttons. This addition essentially allows your receptionist to see the status of all your extensions and easily transfer calls without sacrificing any of the four lines that come with the phone itself.


With Telonium, the 504 is the best bang for your buck because it’s both intuitive and easy to use. Additionally, among all of the Cisco phones, it’s affordable and customizable (hence a three-line Cisco phone cannot accommodate the auxiliary panel…but the 504 can!).


According to, after the customer review process, the 504 is a “good buy for everyone.” And while they define this product as mid-range on the scale of VoIP phone products, it exhibits “features that are typically found on higher end products.”


With an average price of about $120.00, the 504 still costs less than comparable analog phones like AT&T’s 1080 four-line phone which prices out at $169.99 or the RCA 25425-RE1 four-line speakerphone with intercom that averages around $150.


Traditional analog phones include limited features like speaker phone, call waiting and conference calling. The 504, on the other hand, boasts over 50 features. Check them out at the link below!


But other than the plethora of features and affordable price, why choose the 504?


A blog in collaboration with specifically dedicated to the 504, found that this product “is known for great management, provisioning and carrier-grade security.”


So what does that mean? Telonium will make sure your 504 is preconfigured right out of the box. We will provision the product, so you don’t have to worry about setting it up. All you have to do is plug it in!