5 years and still going strong

It’s been amazing 5 years since we’ve acquired our very first Telonium customer; thanks to all the supports from our customers over the year. We are happy to announce that our very first customer is still our customer and happier than ever to be part of us! In 2010, we have sought out to educate and […]

Small Business: How to Prepare for Bad Winter Weather

With winter weather fast approaching, businesses, especially those in the northern states, must prepare for the possibility of poor conditions ahead. Weather recently has been erratic and unpredictable, with a high of 80 in Dallas on Wednesday and a low of 20 just one day later, a state of emergency declared in Oklahoma, and schools […]

Internet Expansion – A Blessing for Small Business

Since its commercial expansion in the 1990s, the Internet has continued to be adopted by consumers and businesses alike. Because of its usefulness and desirability, it has even become the subject of proposals for universal service more recently. Almost every day we see providers extend the range of internet service. Last Wednesday, AT&T installed fiber […]

Price Comparisons: Telonium versus Phone Service Providers

Perhaps you’re on the fence about switching from an analog phone service that utilizes a gigantic, inefficient in-office phone system or PBX. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, the basic information every customer wants to know, how much does everything cost? In this post, we’ll examine the business phone services offered by Comcast, AT&T, […]

7 Tips for Small Businesses

At Telonium, we maintain, “Your business is our business.” As a result, we’ve assembled seven tips geared toward small businesses, from leaders in the entrepreneurial field, to help your business grow and succeed.