The Cloud and VoIP: A Dynamic Duo

While nearly every business owner has at least heard of VoIP before, there are still some out there who do not understand what exactly VoIP is or how powerful of a communication tool it can be.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Provider) allows its users to make phone calls using their internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. This means that you can stay connected to your business line even if you aren’t right by the phone at your place of business.

According to a recent study of the market for VoIP-related business is expected to be $377 billion by 2016. As more people have been noticing the lucrative opportunities in the VoIP market, the competition has led to rapid improvements in the market. Many VoIP providers now provide many advanced features for extremely affordable rates.

However, VoIP does have some potential flaws. While nearly every business has an internet connection now, what are you supposed to do when you leave the office and can’t log in?

This is where developments in cloud technology help fix possible roadblocks. Developments in cloud-based VoIP mean that people can stay connected to their internet, and their VoIP service, no matter where they go. 

There are numerous benefits the cloud provides for VoIP. In addition to allowing for increased mobility, cloud-based VoIP systems are easily adaptable for future changes. Expansion or changes to the system can be easily made and instantly accessed from anywhere. Simply put, cloud-based VoIP allows businesses to grow and evolve without worrying about restrictions on their communications. 

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