Voice over IP: Smart and Efficient for Businesses

The creation and widespread use of internet beginning in the early 2000’s has led to some of the most amazing technological improvements the world has ever seen in. These improvements have proved beneficial to people in all walks of life, and continue to be aided by new discoveries and addendum   Possibly gaining the most from the quickly advanced technology of the internet has been business firms, which have realized dramatically increased efficiency resulting from the improved technology. This has led to all time record profits on the bottom lines of firms that have been able to keep up to speed with technical trends.

One of the most important developments of the internet age occurred in 2004, when technological advancement turned voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, into a commercially viable replacement for traditional phone services. VoIP allows for the functions of telecommunication to take place over bandwidth instead of the traditional medium of telephone wires, which are quickly becoming an anachronistic relic. Business are now switching to VoIP in droves as bandwidth becomes more readily available while copper, which is used primarily in creating telephone wires, becomes more expensive than ever.

For small and medium sized businesses, the increased efficiency and lower costs associated with VoIP services have allowed for higher profit margins and facilitated expansion when the time comes to upscale. VoIP not only usurps the traditional telephone, but any function requiring telephone wires in the past, such as faxes or SMS. The industry of telephony has quickly adapted to the internet as its new host, just as so much of the rest of the world has done.

At Telonium Communications, what we want to do for your company is to make your transition to VoIP as simple and easy as possible. We seek to help integrate the most up to date technology into your business so that you can work smartly and efficiently. From call centers to installation of new telephone systems and much more, our experienced team of experts will help your business thrive. 

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