VoIP Project: A Day in the Life of: A Realtor

Telonium’s myriad of communications features makes the lives of our customers easier. So just about every month, we will look at “a day in the life of” hypothetical VoIP users. In this post, we will examine the busy schedule of a realtor to see which call features could make his or her workday even more productive. By all accounts, a realtor’s day begins when the sun comes up and ends well after darkness falls.


Whether it’s a social breakfast with prospective clients, a 7 a.m. board meeting to hammer out proposals, or an initial couple of hours dedicated to catching up with emails and voicemails, a realtor’s greatest assets enable easy networking. Ideally, a realtor needs a virtual office of sorts, to be able to meet clients on-site but still maintain contact with the firm’s “home base.”


Enter, VoIP technologies.


I’m the realtor in Atlanta (what?! I wear many hats!), and my day is just beginning. I’m headed to my favorite breakfast joint, Highland Bakery, to schmooze with neighborhood locals and scope out the latest trends in my own housing microcosm.


As I sit back to finally enjoy my coffee and browse through my emails on my smartphone, an incoming call pops up. The Smiths! I’d shown them a few houses in Inman Park the day before, and they’d narrowed down their choices. Thank goodness my office phone system has the Follow Me feature; the Smiths rang my office, but since I was at breakfast (and I don’t have a secretary), the call was automatically forwarded to my cell phone. After years working with Telonium Realty, I know that a missed call is missed business.


Now it’s 8:45, and I need to drive to the office. Half walking, half running, and fully concentrating on NOT spilling my coffee down my blouse, I scramble into my Volkswagen Beetle. About 10 minutes later, I pull up to the complex in Midtown.


Up the stairs and down the hall, I venture to my office.  I throw my gigantic purse (more like a suitcase) into one of my chairs, and turn on my computer. Pulling up my email account, I surf through the voicemails I missed yesterday evening. That’s right, voicemails. My hosted phone system provider offers a Voicemail to Email feature so I can listen to my messages as .mp3 files. So convenient! I find five voice messages, one of which includes the Smiths.


The Smiths! I push myself back from my desk, and stride into my bosses office.


Gina can already tell I have great news (my facial expressions leave nothing to the imagination). I manage to stop smiling for long enough to tell her that I’ll be drawing up a contract for the Smiths today. I recounted my phone conversation with them this morning, and Gina grinned. I’d sold them on the corner lot off Elizabeth Street and Edgewood Avenue, and the commission would be the highest I’d earned yet.


But Gina’s smile faded quickly. She flopped a hefty CE (continuing education) packet onto the table and slid it in my direction.


“For landing Elizabeth Street,” she quipped as I pressed my face into a frown.


I turned on my heel, and headed back to my office with my course work as Gina called after me.


“Don’t forget about the conference call with Gulf Realty! It’s at 2 p.m.”


All right, I could conference in from my office phone. Until then, I needed to plow through my CE packet, draw up the Smith contract and verify my 6 p.m. meeting with Susie Q. I’d found almost 25 listings for her to look through in Castleberry, thank goodness for daylight savings time!


It was still 9:30 in the morning when I looked down at my phone. Four missed calls?! Time to check my email.